Until mid-2019, podcasts and SEO were not topics that you usually heard in the same sentence because audio is not inherently searchable. But all of that changed when Google began scanning and indexing audio, making podcast content searchable for the first time. And, with that change, came the advent of podcast SEO. Now, applying good […]

Did you know that YouTube is now the number one destination for podcast consumption?  Podcast listeners are flocking increasingly to YouTube. In fact, 43% of monthly podcast listeners say they went to YouTube for podcasts in the past year, as opposed to Apple (34%) or Spotify (23%). Some think that YouTube is actually on its […]

With 500 million daily active users, Instagram is an excellent place to promote your podcast, post animated videos, and grow your audience. But it does have one limitation: links.  That’s right, we’re referring to the lack of link space on Instagram. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t support links in captions. The only place […]

What Are Progress Animations? Progress animations show you a visual representation of the elapsed time of your video. Popular content creators, like Gary Vee, often include progress animations in their videos, especially to shorter clips. This helps viewers to know that watching your video won’t take up too much of their time. Adding a progress […]

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