Wavve Guest Post Agreement

The guest posting process with Wavve starts with this agreement. Thank you for your support and interest.

Last updated August, 25, 2021

Thanks for collaborating with Wavve!

By submitting a guest post to our site (https://wavve.co), you acknowledge that you understand and comply with the following:

  1. Your inquiry and pitch (not the content) must come through one of our social media accounts from a legitimate account with the author's head shot photo, and an appropriate level of expertise on your chosen topic

  2. Those accepted will receive an email to send the guest post to for editing and posting

  3. All guest posts must be your own original work as no plagiarism or copyright infringement is permitted

  4. Guest posts must not be published elsewhere on the web

  5. When quoting others, please cite your source properly with a link

  6. If submitting an article in a language that is not English, an English version must be included

  7. Visuals and images can be suggested and provided but ultimately will be Wavve's editorial decision in final post

  8. Guest posts will acknowledge your authorship, but will be the property of Wavve

  9. Guest posts must come with a head shot photo, and a short 1-3 sentence biography

  10. Guest post author affiliate links will not be included in guest posts

  11. Wavve reserves the right to add its own product and affiliate links where appropriate

  12. Guest post authors will be allowed to have one link to their website, and one to their social media profile

  13. We do not offer compensation for writing guest posts

  14. We do not guarantee any particular site or audience reach

  15. Wavve reserves the right to edit guest posts as it sees fit

  16. Once posted, you are welcome to request any changes, but they will be at Wavve's discretion

  17. You are also encouraged to request any updates to your photo, bio, or links

  18. Wavve reserves the right to ignore inquires, refuse publication, stop allowing guest posts, or remove a guest post without prior notice to the guest post author

  19. By providing a guest post to Wavve, you agree that you are in no way becoming a part of the website or company

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