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Our pricing plans are based on how much you create within a monthly cycle. Feel free to try the Free Plan to create a few short videos before deciding.

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  • Customize your own design
  • Create 1 minute of video monthly
  • Wavve branding included in videos
$ 0 /Month
$ 0 /Year
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  • Generate 10 minutes of video a month
  • Rollover up to 20 minutes of unused time
  • No Wavve branding on videos
$ 10 /Month
$ 96 /Year
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  • Generate up to 30 minutes of video per month
  • Rollover up to 60 minutes of unused time
$ 18 /Month
$ 156 /Year
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  • Generate 300 minutes of video per month
  • 48 Minute clip length
$ 32 /Month
$ 264 /Year
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have other questions? Just reach out!

1. Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! Simply reach out to our support team and let us know why you are canceling:

2. Can I post to Instagram on the Free Plan?

Yes. Once you create a video with Wavve, you can download it and share it anywhere that supports video uploads.

3. Are my videos saved?

Yes, your Wavve account will store your generated videos so you can access them anytime.

4. Can I use my own images?

Yes. You can upload any png or jpg file.

5. Can I make vertical & square videos?

Yes. There are 3 design sizes that are supported with Wavve: Horizontal (1280 x 720), Square (1080 x 1080), and Vertical (720 x 1280).

6. Are the videos in HD?

Yes. All Wavve videos are 1080p HD.

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