Before I Buy ...

It takes 3 steps. You add your audio. You add an image. You generate your video. Simple.

Watch this overview video here.

Yes, and our creators are using it to automatically post wavve videos to YouTube and other social accounts. Watch the tutorial here.

Using Wavve with Zapier, as soon as your podcast goes live on your RSS Feed, you can post a highlights video or the entire show to YouTube. All you need is to connect a Wavve account, a YouTube account, and a Zapier account.

For the most creative control and customization, you can simply create your wavve videos from your audio and post to YouTube and any social media accounts you desire. You own the wavve mp4 video files.

Wavve does not limit the size of images that can be used in designs at this time. We do recommend that your image is the same resolution as the template that you are using for best results and fastest processing. Images larger then 2500×2500 pixels will be resized automatically.

At this time, we only accept payment in US Dollars. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover all support major currencies including USD. When you purchase, your credit card company will handle the currency exchange automatically, so you will be able to purchase Wavve using your credit card even though its main currency is not US Dollars.

Wavve only allows JPG and PNG images in your design at this time. If you are using a different image format, like a GIF or HEIC image (iPhones), you will need to convert that image to a PNG or JPG image first.

You can convert images with this website:

If you need more complicated editing and converting features, you will need to use an app like Photoshop, or free apps like Gimp, or Krita.

You can choose monthly or annual billing. Annual plans receive a nice discount based off which plan you choose and are the better deal.

For more details on pricing head to our pricing page.

Our current font library includes hundreds of the most commonly used Google fonts. Many creators find their font in our list.

In cases where you have a custom font not on the list, we recommend designing externally in say Canva or Photoshop, and simply importing the final design into Wavve as a JPG or PNG.

The length of a generated video is determined by the plan that you have.

In general, videos can’t be longer than 300 minutes unless you are on the Network tier.  The Network tier does not have a limit. But you need enough video creation time to make a 300-minute video with the Creator, Influencer, and Agency tiers.

The Creator plan would be limited by the amount of time you have left in that plan for the month.  For instance, the Creator plan comes with 30 minutes of video creation a month.  If you only have that 10 minutes left, then you could only make a 10-minute long video.  This would be the same for the Influencer and Agency tiers as well.

Though Wavve does not have a limit on how long videos can be (other than limiting videos to the number of minutes on your account), we suggest not making videos more than 120 minutes long. The longer a video is, the more of a chance it may fail to render due to various factors. If a video fails to render, though, that time will not count against your account and you can retry making it.

While you can import a video mp4 file, we drop the video portion and use only the audio portion to create your new wavve video. So for your final video, you can only use images and the wavve animations. Our goal is to keep it simple.

You can only use JPG or PNG images for your designs. You cannot use GIFs in your designs at this time.

Wavve operates out of the east coast of the United States of America. So, our support hours are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST) or UTC-5.

We are available between 9 AM to 5 PM, EST Monday through Friday for live support.

Wavve support is off for the following Holidays:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Years

If a holiday lands on a weekend day (E.g. Saturday or Sunday), support will be closed the previous Friday before that holiday instead.

If you need help after those hours, leave us a message using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the website. We will respond as soon as we can!

You may also be able to find answers to your questions in our FAQ or on our YouTube channel.

You can email support after support hours for assistance at support@wavve.co.

We do not. However, we have been known to delight customers by picking up the phone and calling them if they have provided their contact numbers in special circumstances.

You are able to edit videos for a certain period of time after you create that video. The time frame that you are able to edit your video changes depending on which subscription plan you have.

Free customers can edit videos for up to one week.

Creators can edit videos for up to 3 months.

Influencers can edit videos for up to 9 months.

Agencies and Networks can edit videos for up to one year.

Yes. There is no obligation with Wavve, so you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime! You can subscribe on a month-to-month basis. All cancellations are really a return to the Free plan, unless you want us to delete your account entirely.

Subscriptions do not have a limit on the number of designs you can save.

You can edit or delete an existing design. Editing or deleting an existing design does not affect videos already generated.

There is no limit on the number of videos you can make but the number of minutes. The amount of videos you can make each month depends on the subscription plan you have.

Each subscription tier includes a certain amount video creation time.  For example, the Creator plan includes 30 minutes of video creation time a month.

That video creation time can be divided between as many videos as you can make.

For example, you could make sixty videos that are 30 seconds long a month on the Creator plan, or you could make thirty videos that are 60 seconds long a month.

Wavve does have a free tier.

The Free tier allows up to 2 minutes of total video generation every month. It’s a great option to try!

We also have paid tiers if you need to make longer videos, or need to make more videos, each month.

You can certainly try Wavve for free, and if you decide you need more time, you can upgrade anytime from your account page.

Likewise, if you hit a month where you don’t need to use Wavve, you can also downgrade or pause your account (for up to 2 months) whenever you need to as well.

And if you make a mistake in one of your first videos, you can edit it up to 3 times without it counting against your minutes.

Yes! Wavve  offers an affiliate program. When you spread the word about Wavve to your friends or family and they sign up for a monthly plan, you’ll receive 25% recurring commission. This means you’ll get paid every month that they stay signed up.

Wavve does have a $25 minimum payout for affiliate payments, so keep that in mind and share your affiliate link as much as possible.

For more information or to sign up head to this link: https://wavve.co/affiliate-program/

Yes. The only times you need to stay on a Wavve screen is briefly when instructed, such as during file upload from your device.

Exiting out of Wavve during the caption transcript generation process and while the video is being created won’t disrupt the process. You’ll get an email when your video is complete.

Yes, there are 3 default styles of captions which can be selected on the caption editing page. Caption style are also fully customizable. You can change the font, color, shading, and position of the captions.

Wavve does not currently offer a free trial but features can be tried out using the free plan without having to make a financial commitment.

If your audio is a podcast on Apple, you are able to simply search in the RSS tab to pull audio directly from your host.

You can also paste the RSS Feed URL directly into the RSS tab to grab your audio that way.

There is no current option to grab audio from a non-podcast RSS Feed link, so you will need to upload your audio files.

Most modern browsers work just fine.

Many times, a browser related limit can cause some strange behavior.

Google Chrome and Firefox browsers seem to have the best results with caching, security, and pop-up blockers.

So if you are experiencing issues, it’s best to logout, login again, refresh, or try another browser to ensure there is no problematic setting in your browser.


Yes. You can edit a video after that video has been created. To edit a video, press the ‘Edit’ button under the video on the My Videos page. 

Progress animation is a bar that shows how far through the video you are, similar to what you would see on Netflix or YouTube videos. It’s especially helpful when using Instagram since they don’t have any native way for viewers to see how far into the video they are.

Yes. You can add captions or subtitles to your videos made in Wavve.

To add captions to your Wavve videos, head to the My Videos page and click the Add Captions link under the video you want to add captions to.

Or select the More drop down to edit captions.

This will launch the transcription editor where you can:

  • Generate a new transcription
  • Edit the text of the captions in the transcription notepad
  • Change the timing of caption slides
  • Choose the design of the caption text

If you edit anything in your audio or design, you will lose your captions because a new video is being created with a potentially new audio track and timing.

Wavve does not have an app in any app store at this time. You can use it from the browser on your smartphone and on a computer, though. Our goal is to make mobile use of our webapp easier for mobile users.

Yes. All of your videos that you make through Wavve will be available on the My Videos page in your account.

To download a video, click the More drop-down box under each video. Then click the Download button to download that video to your device.

If your video is playing in your browser instead of downloading, that could mean that your browser settings are set to play MP4 file types. If this happens, try right-clicking on the Download button and select ‘Save link as.’ You could also try using a different browser.

As of iOS update 13, you can download videos to your iOS device (iPhone / iPad) with the Safari browser. You cannot download your videos to your iOS device with other browsers, though. You must use Safari to download videos on iOS devices.

Unfortunately, the iPhone with iOS versions before iOS 13 won’t download media files. Mobile Safari wants to play those types of files instead of downloading them. You would need to download the video from a computer and transfer it to your iPhone. One way to do this is to use AirDrop.

Depending on how long the video is, you could also email it to yourself.

Some customers have told us that using Google Drive or Dropbox has worked for them.

For transcription, Wavve supports any modern audio or video format.

For video, Wavve supports mp3, mp4, wav, m4a, flac, and ogg files.

It is recommended that audio files are kept to under 50MB. We will warn you of longer processing times over 75MB, but you can import up to 150MB files if you are feeling lucky.

Some mobile browsers have upper limits on memory of 100MB, so your experience may vary. Also, keep in mind that the m4a format is a less reliable format and may not process properly.

You can also convert your files into a compatible mp3 format here:


Unfortunately, Wavve cannot issue an invoice for payment or accept net30 payments. We only accept credit and debit cards at this time.

You can access all your receipts/invoices from within your account anytime.

If you believe you have a special case, please chat with us in live support.

When you upgrade or downgrade within a billing cycle, your next invoice will include the normal monthly charge along with a pro-rated amount based on how many days you spent on each plan the month before.

So if you upgraded from the $12 plan to the $19 plan halfway through the month, your next month’s bill would include your regular monthly charge for the current plan along with a charge for the half-month spent on the new plan from the month before (in that scenario, it would be an additional $9 on the next bill).

Once you have paid for Wavve’s services, there are no monetary refunds. However, in special cases, you can be credited back in minutes.

Due to the immediacy of using our service in full for the purchase period and our encouragement to try it out for free on our Free Plan before making a purchase decision, we believe there is ample time to trial our software to ensure a good fit making refunding unnecessary with the exception of very rare situations.

We also make it clear at purchase and in receipts that Wavve is a subscription monthly or annually. For annual plans, we notify you over email prior to your annual renewal so you have plenty of time to cancel if you do not want to continue your service.

If you pause your plan, you are agreeing to resume payment in one month. During that period, you can cancel your subscription permanently in your Wavve account prior to a charge.

If you are subscribed to a paid subscription, you can earn extra time by enabling the Wavve Branding. To enable the Wavve branding, enable the ‘Wavve Branding’ option from the Settings page in your account.

At this time, Wavve does not support Paypal payments for premium subscriptions. However, all major credit cards are supported (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, etc.).

Take a look at this article from our affiliate program provider, Tapfiliate. You will need to login to our affiliate platform.

Tapfiliate Help Doc

You can cancel your plan any time.

Locate and use the Cancel link on the Your Plan page to cancel your subscription.

All Paid plans will downgrade to a Free Account once cancelled and once at the end of the current billing cycle.

Note: There is a different cancel link for the video plans as well as the Wavve Link Premium plans. If you subscribe to each you will need to use both Cancel links to cancel both subscriptions.

At this time, we do not support a pay-per-video pricing model. 

However, you can sign up for a monthly subscription and cancel before your next billing cycle.

Payment is instead based on how many minutes of video you expect to use each month. 

Rollover minutes are unused minutes from your subscription. Each plan includes a certain amount of roll-over minutes while you are subscribed.

For example, if you only use 6 of your 30 minutes in a month (referencing the Creator tier), then 24 minutes will “roll over” so you can use up to 54 minutes the next month.

It works the same for the other subscription tiers, too. Each subscription tier has a limit to how many rollover minutes you can retain, though. Those limits are listed on the Pricing page under each tier.

You can find all of your receipts and invoices under the Your Plan page in your account. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see each individual receipt. You can also update the billing information posted on the receipt by using the Add Additional Details link on that page as well.

Instead of cancelling, you are given the option to simply pause your account for one month at a time. This retains all your files and work in your account.

To Pause, click Cancel on the Your Plan page. Then select the Pause option.

During that time period, your account will automatically be moved back to the Free tier and monthly charges will stop.

After that pause period ends, your account will automatically restart and bill again. You can pause your account again, but it would remain active with a billing charge for at minimum one month.

How do I ... ?

You first have to create a video. Then you can add captions to it.

Watch this overview video here.

On the My Videos page, there is an option in the drop down More menu on each video to Delete it.

Watch this quick how to video.

Note: Please note that deleting videos will not restore used minutes on your account.

Archiving a design allows you to separate it from the rest of your videos on the My Videos page.

To do so, click the More button next to the video you’d like to remove and then select Archive.

To view your archived designs select the Archived filter at the top of the page.

To view only archived designs, you must also unselect Not Archived filter.

Note: Please note that archiving videos will not restore used minutes on your account.

When you choose to add captions to your video, use the drop-down box to select the language that the audio is spoken with in your video.

Wavve does not support translations at this time.

Wavve currently supports the following languages for speech-to-text transcription:

Chinese (Cantonese)
Chinese (Mandarin)
Norwegian Bokmål

If you would like your account to be deleted, please contact support through chat with a request stating that you would like your account deleted. Support would need this request to come from the account requesting deletion.

Otherwise, cancelling your subscription is downgrading it to a Free Account, that you can still use each month.

To download videos to your phone, the easiest method is to wait for the email notification that your video is ready to download. Then click on the button in the email to view the video in a mobile native browser that will allow you the option to save to local device, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


Just remember where you saved it, so you can upload it to Instagram, or whatever social media platform you desire.

If you are a podcaster who has already hosted your podcast with a podcast host, and that host has syndicated it to Apple Podcasts, you can simple search for it by name.

If you know the actual RSS Feed link itself, you can paste that into Wavve.

Either way, it’s easier than ever to find and upload your audio to Wavve!


If you cannot login to your Wavve account and need to reset your password, use the Forgot Password link on the Sign In page.

Note: The Password Reset option works differently in Wavve than it does with other websites.

On the password reset form, add your new password and not what you think your old password was. That new password will be set as your password for your account after you receive the verification link for resetting your password in your email. You must click on that verification link that you receive in your email before that new password is set.

If you do not receive the password reset verification link in your email, please reach out to support for further assistance. We will need to verify account ownership with the last four digits of your payment method on file before we can manually reset your password.

The easiest way is to simply search for the name of the podcast in Wavve’s RSS tab. Then copy the link and start creating video clips. Done!

However, if the show is not on Apple Podcasts, then you will need to become a sleuth.

Ask the host of the show for the link if you can. If not …

Most podcast websites will have a section called ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Listen to our show.’ Look for this section. The links to the various podcast syndicate networks will most likely be on this page.

Ultimately, you are looking for a link that says RSS or has an orange icon with waves that look like a WiFi signal in it.

RSS logo

You can typically find the website for a podcast simply by Googling it.

Try using this website: https://getrssfeed.com/

All podcast hosts provide the RSS feed for your podcast, though that RSS feed might be hidden a bit. Below are links to support articles to the more popular podcast hosts for finding your RSS feed. If you do not see your podcast host listed below, you may need to contact your podcast host for information on where to find your RSS feed link.













SoundCloud can be used to upload files to Wavve. In order to do this, you will need to find the RSS feed for your SoundCloud account.

The following two links from SoundCloud will help you find your RSS feed in SoundCloud as well as how to add audio files to your RSS feed in SoundCloud.:

To set up your new personalized Wavve Link, simply add your Podcast RSS feed URL, which you must have set up, and your podcast website is done.

From there add links to your social media sites and to your Podcast on all applicable Podcast listening apps. The logos will then show up on your Wavve Link page.

Once you’re finished you’ll have a personalized link which you can share to your followers and use to help promote your podcast. All links in one place with an easier podcast player.

You can even collect emails, use a custom domain, and track traffic.

The Wavve Link premium package offers extra features such as being able to use a custom domain, adding newsletter options, and providing analytics for your Wavve Link page.  This article explains what analytics are possible and how they would appear in your Wavve Link settings.

Note: Analytics will not appear immediately.  As your audience visits your Wavve Link page, the analytics data will start to populate.

What analytics are provided?

The Wavve Link page analytics will provide data for how many people visit your page, how many times they visit your Wavve Link page, and the amount of hits to that page. It will also display referrals from social media sites, which buttons are used to subscribe to your podcast and on which platforms, and how many times your episodes have been played.  Data is also provided for which social media accounts your audience click through on that is linked to your Wavve Link page. See below for more information.

General Analytics Dashboard

The general overview shows the number of unique users, page views, sessions, and hits for the past two weeks.

Wavve Link analytics

You can download the data by clicking “download CSV” in the top right menu.

Wavve Link analytics

Wavve Link analytics

Traffic Driven from Social Media Sources

This graph shows referral analytics from various social media platforms.

Wavve Link analytics

Non Social Referral Data

You may have referrals from non-social media platforms as well.  This chart provides information for those sources.

Wavve Link analytics

This shows where your clicks are coming from. Note that (direct) will include social media clicks.

Podcast Player Clicks

This graph will show which platforms your audience is clicking through to listen to or subscribe to your show based on platform.

Wavve Link analytics

Wavve Link analytics

Social Platform Clicks

This chart extends social media data and catalogs when users would click on or follow through to your social media accounts linked to your Wavve Link page.

Wavve Link analytics

Wavve Link analytics