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Wavve makes it easy for anyone to share audio content to social media as video. Used by podcasters, radio shows, marketers, and musicians. If you love Wavve, share it with others and get paid (monthly) when people sign up using your link. We’re always looking to add podcasters, marketers, social media consultants, bloggers, and business owners to our community!

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25% recurring revenue generated on each sale

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1. Payouts

Payouts are made on the last day of every month, regardless of the amount.

2. Commissions

Affiliate commissions are approved within 7 days. There is a minimum delay of 7 days before approving pending commissions (to account for fund settlements).

3. Abuse

Abuse, gaming the system, or generally questionable behavior will result in your account being banned.

4. Cookies

Our affiliate program depends on cookies to properly track referrals. The person you are referring must have cookies enabled in order for you to get credit for the referral. Cookies will expire after 45 days, meaning your referral must upgrade within 45 days of clicking the link in order for you to get credit.

5. Rights

We reserve the right to change the terms of our affiliate program at any time.

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Wavve is a technology company providing solutions to digital audio creators to better share, promote, & market content.


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