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The beauty of podcasting is that it is decentralized, open, and easy for anyone to create and/or consume (and let’s keep it that way?). Thanks to RSS Feeds, podcasters can easily host an audio file and distribute it to every podcast player on the internet (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.) within just a few minutes. 

But with all of the distribution and the number of podcast players comes this question:

“What link should I use to promote my podcast on social media? Should I link to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify?” – Said every podcaster that doesn’t have a super-fancy website.

Ah, and here is the rub. Sharing a link to iTunes alienates Android users. Not everyone wants to listen via Spotify. Some listeners are on desktop and just want to press play!

When you share a link to a podcast on social media, you shouldn’t have to force listeners into a specific player. A responsive and well-designed website could definitely solve the problem, but that certainly is not feasible for everyone. For those that want a simple, free, and done-for-you-option, we built Wavve Link.

Wavve Link is a new short-linking tool for podcasters and audio creators that gives listeners a landing page with everything they need to listen, subscribe, and find more information regardless of how they prefer to listen.

Think of Wavve Links as a mini-website for your podcast that is easy to share on social media via your own custom short-link. Post your Wavve Link on Facebook, Twitter, or add it to your Instagram bio to give listeners an easy way to get to your podcast fast! Here is what the mini-site looks like:

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Every Wavve user gets a free Wavve Link (yes, even if you are on our Free Plan)! Don’t have a Wavve account yet? Just click here to signup. Or login now to claim your Wavve Link.

Setting up your Wavve Link is really simple. The most important two things you need are a Wavve account and the URL to your RSS Feed.

Once you login to Wavve, just use the left navigation menu to access the “Links” page. Navigate through the prompts and you will be taken to your configuration screen:

one podcast link

Here are a few fields that you should fill in:

  • Set a custom link (e.g.,
  • Add URLs to your social links (be sure to include https:// in the URL)
  • Add URLs to your preferred podcast player apps (any players that you don’t provide URLs for will NOT be displayed in your links page).

Make sure you save all of your inputs, then click on your short-link for testing!

Check out a live sample from The Playable Characters Podcast!

Just click here to get started!

We would love to hear what you think. This is just version 1.0, and we plan on adding many more features as we go along. Shoot us an email at with your suggestions!

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