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Tips & pointers for creating great Podcast Teaser videos from audio excerpts

“What makes a great podcast teaser video?”

Yann Ilunga, The Podcast Lab

+1 for Yann Ilunga (@Yannilunga). This was the question he posed to The Wavve Team during our recent interview on “The Podcast Lab.” Yann asked us what makes a good podcast teaser video, so we decided the answer is worth some official documentation.

For those that are new to us, Wavve is an online tool that turns your audio into custom-branded, animated marketing videos for social sharing. Wavve is ideal for promoting audio snippets from podcasts, radio shows, etc., or for recording audio on-the-spot so you can share a message with your followers via video. Whether you use Wavve to create podcast teaser videos or not, teaser clips can help you cut through the noise and get your audio more attention on social. Here is a sample:

Now that over 2,000 video clips have been created with Wavve; we have a pretty good idea on what makes a good one. Here are 5 quick guidelines to follow when picking that perfect podcast segment and creating a video for social sharing:

  1. Keep it short. Attention spans on social media these days are minuscule. There is research that suggests that thanks to social media, humans now have the attention span of a goldfish (which is about 8 seconds). The animated videos that Wavve creates will catch the eye of social feed scrollers… but you only have between 30–90 seconds to convert them to your podcast or web page and turn them into a subscriber.
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Fun Fact: 5% of online video viewers drop off after 1 minute. After 2 minutes, 60% of viewers have dropped from watching (Hyperfine Media).

2. Showcase your interviewees. Remember, you brought that guest on for a reason! They most likely had an interesting story that will catch people’s attention. Previewing interesting snippets from your podcast interview and tagging the interviewer on social along with the video is very effective. Don’t forget to incorporate their headshot in the video background image!

Showcasing the awesomeness of your guests and showcasing them via well-done videos helps kick off social sharing and drive more reach/engagement on social. Also, your interview will love seeing & hearing their voice featured in a video.

3. Pick a clip that gets to the point. You are always competing with thousands of other tweets/posts at any given moment so get to point quickly. Avoid clips with long musical intros, long pauses of silence, or a slow build up.  Pro Tip: Next time you are browsing your favorite social media feed, pay attention to what grabs & holds your attention. Chances are, your target audience will be moved by the same attributes in their social feed.

4. Most importantly, have fun and tell a good story. Or at least begin telling a story in the short amount of time you have. Share clips that are fun, emotional, moving, or begin to tell a story that will captivate listeners. Stories are the best way to relate with potential listeners and get them hooked on your content.

5. Get creative and record additional content that can help promote your podcast episode. Give people a reason to follow & keep up with your content on social media. Record bloopers, behind-the-scenes content, or a short recap segment.

Need some inspiration? Check out our Instagram account to see how other podcasters & digital audio creators are showcasing their best content through video.

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