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Audio transcription software comes much farther down the list of things new content creators want to tackle.

If you have avoided audio transcription software up until now, welcome. Here’s what you need to know.

Audio transcription software offers an easy solution to a tedious, time-consuming problem. If you’ve ever tried manually typing out a transcription of a recorded interview or simply taking notes, then you will understand why creators put it in the “one day when I have more listeners” category.

Audio transcription software offers many opportunities and possibilities to improve your content strategy. 

In this guide, we’ll uncover what audio transcription software is, how it works, and why it can be so beneficial to your brand. 

What is Audio Transcription Software? 

Audio transcription software is a tool that automatically converts audio content into text. The software listens to the audio file and types it in a written format for you. 

This tool can be used in a variety of ways. This includes using the software to transcribe podcasts and videos. You can transcribe meetings, minutes, or recorded calls. You can also use it for adding subtitles to videos, capture interviews live, or for transcribing anything you might have dictated (like making an audio recording of an idea while you drive). 

All you need to do is upload or stream the file (in audio or video format), and the software will convert it into a transcript for you.

Audio Transcription Software

Why is Audio Transcription Software Useful? 

There are many scenarios where having transcribed audio content will make your life easier. The main advantage of audio transcription software is that it saves massive amounts of time compared to transcribing audio content manually. 

Once you do transcribe your audio content, many new opportunities open up. For example, you can use transcribed audio content for:

  • Writing podcast show notes
  • Editing a blog post from a video or podcast
  • Turning a webinar into a written interview
  • Transcribing audio to use in newsletters
  • Providing a written transcription for YouTube video description
  • Uploading edited and approved captions for YouTube videos
  • Creating a LinkedIn article
  • Starting an outline for a Twitter Thread

And plenty more. 

Accurate audio transcription software makes it easier to achieve more with a single piece of audio content. 

The Top Benefits Of Audio Transcription 

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why you might want to use audio transcription software for your video or podcast. Here are some of the main advantages of an accurate audio transcription platform. 

Content Repurposing 

Transcribing a YouTube video, interview, podcast, etc. makes it easy to repurpose your content in another format. For example, you could turn a video into a blog post or email marketing newsletter. 


Search engines aren’t able to listen to accurately interpreted audio content yet. They do, however, process written words. By transcribing your content accurately and including a text version in show notes and descriptions, you can get a lot more interest and traction from search engines.

This is because transcriptions assist search engines in indexing your audio file so that it is easily discoverable online. This can help you gain a lot more traffic.

Audio Transcription Software on a laptop


Sometimes users have difficulties understanding the audio content. Perhaps the quality of the audio is low or the speaker talks too quickly. In scenarios like this, having a transcription of the audio will make it easier to understand the content. 

This could also help to provide more context behind what was said or allow users to spend more time reading into the audio. 

Or perhaps you’re in an environment where it isn’t conducive to listening to an audio file and you aren’t able to use headphones for whatever reason. A transcribed version is a perfect solution.

Makes Content More Accessible 

The written content makes it much more convenient for people with hearing impairments as they may not be able to consume audio content. Providing a text alternative will make your content more accessible to everyone. 

This is also important for people who do not speak the same language as your audio content. With a transcript, they can translate the written version more easily.

Easier To Search Through Information 

Isn’t it inconvenient when you want to rewind back to a pertinent piece of information from a podcast and not being able to find it? 

With an accurately transcribed piece of content, you are able to easily scan through and locate the clip quickly.

The Potential Disadvantage Of Audio Transcriptions 

Accurate audio transcriptions can be a pesky task. Either you transcribe audio manually, which takes loads of time and effort, or you can use an AI-powered tool to transcribe audio for you. However, there are audio transcription software options out there that offer poor results. 

woman on laptop searching

Many channels that you publish and distribute content on have their own transcription tools. However, transcribing your audio content through these different platforms can result in all kinds of issues. 

First of all, there are too many inconsistencies across different platforms. Some require a lot more editing than others. If you use different transcription tools on each channel you distribute your content to, publishing consistent content quality can be tricky. 

Not to mention, no one wants to edit transcriptions more than once.

That is why you should use a trusted, reliable platform that offers you a single source for your transcription. With Wavve’s forthcoming AI transcription tool, we aim to be that source for content creators. 


If you have audio content in any form, whether it’s a video, a podcast, or more, then you should be transcribing it. 

Audio transcription software offers you an array of benefits, one of the main advantages being optimizing your SEO efforts and taking your brand and web traffic to a whole new level. 

The best solution to achieve this is the use of a dedicated audio transcription software tool to help you get more consistent and accurate results.

Audio transcription software makes the process seamless. It saves you all the effort and time of manually transcribing your audio recordings, which means you can enjoy all of the positives of transcribing your content without spending hours doing it.

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