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Why should you create a podcast transcription?

While it might seem like a bit of an inconvenience to transcribe each episode of your podcast, this can provide some major SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. 

As long as you use the right transcription software, this process can be a seamless, hassle-free, and somewhat enjoyable experience. 

Optimizing your podcast for SEO will help you gain more visibility and attract more listeners. With search engines displaying podcasts in search results, this is more important than ever before. 

In this guide, we’ll cover why podcast transcription plays such a big role in SEO, and how you can use transcription to boost your podcast’s rankings. 

How Podcast Transcription Can Help With SEO 

SEO is important for attracting as many new listeners to your podcast as possible. Search engines can’t listen to your podcast audio, so that is where podcast SEO comes in. 

Search engines determine how to index podcasts based on any written text found in the podcast. This is where a podcast audio transcription, or even a summary, is important. 

Here are the main ways why transcribing your podcasts can help boost your SEO efforts. 

Rank target keywords in search engines

An essential element of SEO is targeting certain keywords. Users type in search terms into search engines. It’s up to you to figure out what those are and use them. Search engines establish the most relevant content to display based on matching searches to your keywords used.

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So, by using a transcription of a podcast, you create more room to include keywords in your podcast description. Each time you mention the subject of your podcast, this can be included as a keyword. 

A podcast transcription doesn’t only help with direct keywords. Search engines understand what a piece of text is about even if it isn’t loaded full of exact keywords. 

This is achieved through a process called natural language processing (NLP). By transcribing your podcast, you create more context around the podcast and get to include these NLP words. This helps to make your podcast more relevant based on different search terms. 

Earn backlinks to boost relevance

Another key element of SEO includes gaining backlinks to your content. This is when another site links out to your content, which shows search engines that you’re an authority on the topic. 

By transcribing your podcast, you make it easier for other sites to link to you. This is because they can easily find details or snippets of information from the podcast, and use this as a reference. Without transcribing the podcast, fewer sites will find, listen, and then decide to link back to your podcast.

Earning these backlinks will help you achieve two things. First, it will add more authority to your content, which will help you rise in the search results. Second, it will help you attract new audiences, as other sites could send their visitors directly to your podcast. 

podcast transcription

Expand ranked terms to reach new listeners

If you don’t transcribe your podcast, the description of the podcast will only be focused on one idea. This means you will likely only rank for this one idea or keyword. 

Chances are, a lot more than this was covered in your podcast. So, by transcribing your audio content, you open up more room for SEO opportunities. 

A great example of this would be question snippets on search result pages. If you answer questions related to your keyword with authority, then you might get featured in these snippets.

Provide greater accessibility to consume your podcast

Not everyone can access audio content. Some people have hearing disabilities, and some people will struggle to understand the podcast if it’s not in their first language. By doing a podcast transcription, you’re making it easier for people to access and engage with your content. 

Tips For Podcast Transcription to Boost SEO 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using podcast transcription to enhance your SEO efforts.  

Make a list of keywords before you record the podcast 

Yes, you want your podcast to sound natural. At the same time, you also want to cover the right topics and mention the right keywords. 

Before you record your podcast, create a list of the most important keywords you’re planning to target. Then, try to naturally use these terms in your podcast. This will improve your chances of ranking.

The other thing you can write is a summarized blog version. Use your transcription as the basis for the blog version. If you found you didn’t say the keyword directly, or as clearly as you needed, the blog version can better use your keywords.

Plan your podcast carefully 

It’s important that you know at least roughly what topics you’re going to cover in your podcast and how your conversation will be structured. 

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This will help you produce a more organized podcast transcription, focused on the right topics. If you veer too far off topic during the podcast, this planning work will steer you back. You’ll want to avoid confusing the search engines with a lack of focus.

Use the right podcast transcription software 

Podcast transcription is only effective if the transcription is accurate. Many automatic podcast transcription services will be full of inaccuracies, which won’t help with SEO. You will also spend a lot more time than necessary manually fixing your transcript. 

Make sure that the podcast transcription app you use is efficient, accurate, and consistent. This is important for producing a podcast transcription that actually reflects what’s covered. Trying to manually transcribe podcasts will take loads of time and defeat the purpose.

Optimize your title and description 

Your podcast title carries the most SEO power, so it’s essential that you optimize this around your main keyword. 

Beyond your podcast transcription, also include a description that covers the topics spoken about in your podcast. If you have transcribed your podcast, creating this description is a lot easier.

Podcast Transcription Unlocks SEO Benefits

With the use of the right transcription software, you can easily transcribe your audio files. Adding this discipline and streamlining this process can save you loads of time and effort. It can also unlock new listeners finding your show.

And best of all, it opens your content up to a world of SEO benefits. This includes earning backlinks, ranking for more search terms, and makes it available to those unable to access the podcast or audio file.

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