selling on pinterest using audio tutorials

Have you been looking to learn how to sell on Pinterest using audio tutorials? You’ve come to the right place. 

Pinterest has over 430 million monthly active users. When using social media channels to promote products, Pinterest is one of the best platforms to turn to. It’s also an excellent place for podcasters and audio content creators to drive traffic

While there are many ways that you can sell on Pinterest, one underrated strategy is to use audio tutorials. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can do this. 

An Overview Of Selling On Pinterest 

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Believe it or not, Pinterest is one of the best social media channels to help you sell online. Knowing how to sell on Pinterest can provide a major boost for all kinds of online businesses. 

It is because their users have extremely high commercial intent. A whopping 82% of Pinterest’s active users claim to have bought products from the platform.

This makes sense, considering that so many Pinterest users go onto the platform to discover things, such as style tips, inspiration, and trends – all of which can easily result in a product buying decision.

Unlike other digital channels, it is less about educational content and more about recommending products and offering inspiration.

If brands can effectively tap into this, they could set themselves up for some great selling opportunities. 

Many eCommerce businesses use Pinterest as a key to their social commerce strategy. Well, an underrated way to do this is by using audio tutorials.

4 Tips and Tricks to Sell on Pinterest with Audio Tutorials

While Pinterest may be a visual platform, this doesn’t mean you can’t utilize audio content to boost sales. Here’s how to sell on Pinterest using audio tutorials:

Tip #1: Use Product Pins and Catalogs

First things first, you need to understand product pins and catalogs to know how to sell on Pinterest. Brands can upload their product catalog onto the platform, which lets them choose products and use them on their pins.

Product pins allow you to integrate your online store with your Pinterest account, creating a shoppable pin. You can also tag your products with pins.

Tip #2: Integrate Audio into Your Pinterest Strategy

When a user clicks on the tag, they’ll be taken straight to the product page. This is an essential strategy for selling on Pinterest.

So, whatever strategy you’re using to sell on Pinterest, the first thing to do is to upload your product catalog to the platform. This lets you include products in your posts and create more engaging, shoppable pins.

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As we mentioned, Pinterest is a visual platform. And it started with mostly images. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use audio to your advantage. You can post video pins.

Video content does incredibly well on the digital channel as it’s much more appealing than static images.

Once you create audio tutorials, you can cut these files into short snippets to use on Pinterest. A simple video can be made from your audio snippet paired with an eye-catching image of your product. You can do this with Wavve.

Of course, you need to talk about what you’re selling in the audio clip. This should highlight the value of your product as concisely as possible. At the same time, the visual aspect of your pin should display your product.

Add a product tag to your pin to help you send traffic to your product page. You can also include the link to the full audio tutorial in your pin description. The best part here is that there is no video editing required.

Tip #3: Create Videos For Pinterest 

There are a couple of different strategies that you can take when creating videos for Pinterest. The important elements to remember are that they need to be eye-catching and easy to consume while providing the necessary information your audience needs right off the bat. 

Many brands add simple animations, like GIFs to their otherwise static pins to make them more compelling. You can use this approach for the visual aspect and then add your audio content on top. 

You could also create a more exciting video from your existing audio content to sell on Pinterest. 

With a tool like Wavve, you can effortlessly turn your product images into short-form videos for social media. This is the ideal way to transform your static images into video, especially if you’re not an experienced video creator.

Tip #4: Run Pinterest Ads

a woman running paid ads on Pinterest using her laptop

If you want to target more Pinterest users and send more traffic to your product pages, you can run paid ads on the platform for the items you sell. Since these ads can take the form of video, you can use your audio tutorials and shoppable pins to boost sales.

Of course, the downside to any social media ads is that you have to pay for them. The upside is that you get some excellent targeting options, so you can be very specific about which users see your ad.

Make sure that your return on ad spend (ROAS) is greater than your advertising costs. Don’t forget to use metrics to track the engagement and actions of your viewers.

5 Important Notes When Selling On Pinterest

Ready to start selling on Pinterest using audio tutorials? Here are a few more tips to keep in mind:

  • Add text to your pins so that users immediately know what they’re about before they click on them.
  • Create multiple Pinterest boards for your different products to sell.
  • Pin regularly – the more, the merrier!
  • Since Pinterest is a search engine, use SEO basics and optimize your pins with keywords.
  • Unlike other social media channels, you can try variations of the same pin to see which performs best.


Knowing how to sell on Pinterest can unlock many new opportunities for eCommerce stores.

It is one of the best social media platforms for boosting sales, especially when you use audio tutorials to elevate your campaigns.

By creating the right kind of engaging content from all the great product images you already have, and using Pinterest’s sales and product features, online stores have a huge opportunity for success on this social media channel.

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