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Did you know that, on average, there are more Americans who listen to their favorite podcasts every week than those with Netflix accounts? Therefore, finding the best way to share a podcast on social media is crucial.

So, how do you profit from this market and advertise your podcast? Through social media efforts, of course.

The problem is, with so much content on social media, it’s easy for your podcast promotions to become invisible. After putting in all the effort to produce a killer podcast episode, you must ensure you distribute this episode as effectively as possible. 

This is why you need to find unique, highly engaging ways to share your podcast on social media.

6 Brilliant Tactics to Share a Podcast on Social Media 

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To help you out, here are some of the best strategies you can use when sharing a podcast on your socials. 

1. Post Video Clips to Share a Podcast on Social Media

Video content is extremely engaging. It’s 1200% more successful than other forms of content, and viewers absorb 95% of the message when watching a video. So, if you’re looking for the best way to share a podcast on social media, video is the way to go. 

There are compelling tactics you can use to promote your podcast on social media using video. The first is to set up a camera in your podcast studio and film your conversation. Then you can share snippets of that conversation on social media. 

This is a useful way to show your listeners some behind-the-scenes content, introduce your guests, and create a more personal connection with your audience. 

You can also use this type of video content to create a trailer for your podcast episodes, cutting the video to some of the best lines and snippets of information. This will draw them in to listen and watch your podcast episode. 

An easier way to create engaging video content is to automatically turn your podcast into short video clips designed for social media. Using a tool like Wavve makes this effortless. Now you can share highly-engaging video clips on your social posts and stories without messing with video editing.

This way, you’ll gain more traction than simply sharing a link or image alone.

2. Create Unique Content For Your Podcast 

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Simply posting a link to your episode is not the best way to share your podcast on social media. Instead, share unique, valuable content that stands alone in the context of the platform. Then point to your podcast for more.

Try to repurpose your podcast into different formats and share this on social media with a link to the podcast episode. This can be done by creating blog posts, videos, unique graphics, and more.

For example, you can pull out a quote from the episode and add it to an image with a picture of your guest on it. It’s an engaging, shareable type of content that’s great for visual platforms like Instagram. 

While for LinkedIn, they have their own publishing feature to create a short blog post about the topic of your podcast. You can even use a transcription tool to make this process easy. 

Whatever the case, always try to share unique content for each social media platform. The best way to share a podcast on social media is by tailoring your promotions to match the audience and style of content for each different channel. 

3. Invite Interesting Guests as a Way to Share Your Podcast on Social Media

Hosting a guest is a valuable opportunity to help your promotions make a lasting impact. If you’re after the best way to share a podcast on social media, ask your guests to get involved.

Send them shareable promotional assets like video clips or images and ask them to share the episode on their social media accounts.

Also, tag their social profiles when you promote the episode on your account and share any promotions they publish. This will gain the attention of you and your guests’ audience, which helps your social promotions to have a more valuable impact.

4. Encourage Engagement

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One of the best ways to make any social promotion compelling is to encourage user engagement. The more people who engage with your posts within an hour or so of posting, the more visible they will become.

This results in a snowball effect, helping reach a larger audience with each episode you share.

The effective method of encouraging engagement is to ask questions about your podcast or use interactive features like polls. Instead of only sharing your podcast episode with a CTA, find ways to get your audience involved.

For example, you can ask your audience their thoughts on the topic of your episode or get them to vote on a question you covered in the podcast.

Sending out an email or text can also act as an immediate way to ask for engagement around a new episode.

5. Go Live as One of the Best Ways to Share a Podcast

Another creative way to get your podcast out there and draw attention is to go live.

TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn all have live-streaming abilities. Use them to generate some fun, interactive, and exclusive content for your podcast promotions.

Consider going live before dropping a new episode, discussing the podcast topic, or having a conversation with your guest. It’s a great way to build excitement around your upcoming episode and offer a unique form of content to your audience.

6. Run A Giveaway 

Giveaways are an excellent podcast promotion tactic. As long as you choose a prize that appeals to your listeners, giveaways attract tons of engagement around your brand.

Think of a suitable giveaway that matches your podcast theme, and run it before you post a new episode. This will create a lot of buzz around your brand and get more people interested in your podcast.

You can even share that you will be announcing the winner at the end of the episode to entice people to listen to the full episode who may not have.


Social media is an essential tool for distributing your podcast. The techniques listed here are some of the best ways to share a podcast on social media to create maximum impact and grow your listenership.

By all means, the promotional strategies you use should depend on your audience, their interests, and listener behaviors. However, it’s essential to put enough effort into your social promotions and target them effectively.

After all, your social podcast marketing may be the only content people see for a long time before they actually listen or subscribe to your show.

The more engagement you get from your podcast promotions, the faster your listener base will grow.

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