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So you created your best video to date but it just isn’t gaining enough traction online? You need a video to text transcription tool. 

Regardless of how interesting your video is, you still need to distribute it effectively and make it accessible to as many people as possible to gain the results and views you’re after. 

Accurate transcription of a video can give you numerous advantages. And if you use the right transcription software to do this, it’s a pretty effortless and painless process.

And the fact it’s an extra step in your workflow means less creators will do it, and therefore gives you an advantage if you add it.

Read on for everything you need to know about video to text transcription and why it’s so important. 

What Is Video To Text Transcription? 

Video to text transcription is the process of turning a video into a written format. Transcription from video to text is generally done using a software tool that automatically generates a written version of what is spoken.

Transcription is a much more efficient method compared to the alternative of sitting down and manually transcribing your video files.

Videos are an incredibly powerful and engaging form of content. However, there are many scenarios when you also need a text version of your video file. This is important for optimizing your video upload, making your video more accessible, and marketing your video content more effectively. 

Video to text transcription may seem like a relatively simple idea but it’s something that many video creators struggle with or skip altogether. Transcription tools often get confused and produce inaccurate text transcriptions. That is why you need to use a reliable and trusted transcription platform

video to text transcription

Why is Video To Text Transcription Important? 

Why would you need to transcribe your video content in the first place? Creating a speech-to-text video transcription will have many benefits when you upload your video content to YouTube, or whatever other channel you use. 

Here are some of the main reasons why you should transcribe your videos. 

Provides Quicker Subtitles and Captioning 

First of all, video to text transcription is essential for subtitles and adding captioning to videos. This has many benefits. 

Subtitles make videos a lot more accessible. If viewers have a hearing impairment, they can watch the subtitles. Viewers also enjoy the option of subtitles, in case their sound is turned off or if they are in an environment where they don’t want to turn on their speaker. 

By adding subtitles and captioning, you will be able to engage and increase your viewers significantly. Not only this but closed captioning requirements are necessary for any public video content. 

Makes Videos Easier to Understand 

Video to text transcription can improve people’s ability to comprehend your content. In some cases, the video may not be in the viewer’s first language, so they might require a written version to fully appreciate the video clip.  

Video presenters might not be clear in the way that they speak. Having captions or a video transcript will make it easier for viewers to understand them. Viewers can also pause the video and spend more time reading the transcription if they want to dig deeper into what the video is about. 

Instagram video to text transcription

Makes Videos More Searchable 

A video transcript can improve the user experience of videos by making the content more searchable. This can be done through an interactive transcript. 

On YouTube, you could also add timestamps in relation to your transcript. This makes it a lot easier for you to understand the video, and break it up into sections. This way, viewers can jump to the section they want to see, which can help to increase views and retain viewers’ attention. 

Improves Video SEO 

SEO is one of the most important ways to promote video content. Google showcases YouTube videos in its search results. So, if you improve the SEO of your videos, then you could potentially attract more views. 

The problem with video SEO is that search engines can’t understand video content. Instead, search engines rank video content based on text elements around the video – like the video title and description. 

By using a video to text transcription, you’re able to provide the video in a format that search engines will understand. This will help your video to rank better for more relevant search terms. Ultimately, this will attract more traffic and views to your video and your site. 

Helps With Content Distribution 

If your aim is to promote your video and distribute it across different channels, then having a video to text transcription can give you a big advantage. 

guy transcribing his video

This will help you promote the video on social media, create blog posts that promote the video, talk about the video in email marketing campaigns, and more. 

Having your video written in a text format gives you many more opportunities to repurpose your video content into something else, like a blog or a summarized podcast. This can be used to send more traffic to your video and increase views. 

Video To Text Transcription Software

Video to text transcription software exists to make your life a lot easier. With these tools, you simply upload your video file and it produces a text format of the video. The forthcoming Wavve transcription tool aims to make this as delightful as possible.

It is important to use the same video to text software to make sure your transcription remains consistent from video to video. 

Including a text version of your video wherever your video lives, will help your content make a far greater impact online. An accurate video to text transcription solution can make your video content more accessible, easier for a larger number of people to consume your content, and better distribute it in the format your audience wants it.

Before you race to upload your video file, take a moment to consider adding transcription to your workflow. The effort is minimal compared to the significant rewards compounded over time. Your community will thank you.

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