benefits of podcasting for business

What are the benefits of podcasting for business? 

According to statistics, 55% of Americans have listened to a podcast at some point. So when creating your business’s content marketing strategy, you probably want to include a podcast element.

You can focus on the podcast as your primary medium or diversify your current marketing content with podcasting. Either way, podcasting for business is a happy place to land before full-on video production. And it remains an effective content marketing choice.

Here is a breakdown of some of the main advantages of podcasting for your business. Let’s take a look. 

7 Top Benefits of Podcasting for Business

Benefit #1: It Helps You Build Strategic Relationships

One of the benefits of podcasting for business is that it opens doors for networking opportunities.

This is because podcasts generally require a guest, which means your business will collaborate with other businesses and experts in your niche.

Having these guests on your podcast doesn’t only help you create great content but also establishes relationships with these guests, who can then provide many great business and marketing prospects in the form of co-promotions, link exchanges, lead exchanges, webinar collaborations, and more.

Benefit #2: Podcasting Helps Reach New Audiences for Your Business

a new podcast listener enjoying the episode she's listening to

Podcasting is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and expand your reach.

The right guests on your podcast will likely generate new conversations and ideas that will resonate with your prospects and customers. Therefore, creating content that positions you at the center of key industry conversations should generate new interest in your company. If your guests are within your niche, which they should be, this could expand your visibility to your key target audience and potential customers.

Podcasts can be shared across various platforms, with each having its own unique audience. For example, you can publish your podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon. You can also embed it on your blog and upload it to YouTube.

This way, it gives you access to a diversity of listeners that could potentially buy your products or services.

Benefit #3: It Adds Personality to Your Brand

A well-executed podcast can give your brand an edge and a touch of personality. Podcasts are conversations – they are the perfect way for you to sit down, talk naturally, and show expertise in your respective field.

Content like videos and blog posts have a more rigid structure, and there’s less room for natural, ‘in-the-moment’ insights and personality quirks that your customers can grow to know, like, and trust.

Benefit #4: Podcasting as a Tool for Lead Generation for Your Business

a new listener engrossed in the podcast series she's listening to

Some brands create podcasts purely to build an audience. However, podcasts can also be a fantastic lead-generation tool for businesses. 

Unlike a standard eBook or ‘white paper’ approach, you can record a podcast and use it as gated content. Users simply need to fill out a lead capture form, and then they will be able to access your podcast on a landing page. 

This is an effective method because podcasts are a highly engaging and valuable form of content, which makes them more enticing than traditional forms of lead generation content. 

Make your podcast topic and titles specific and written to attract highly-targeted leads. You can experiment with different demand capture tools.

Benefit #5: Podcasting Creates a Diverse Content Strategy for Your Business

Another benefit of podcasts is that they are relatively easy to make. Unlike video content, all you need is a microphone to get started. 

Most business owners and executives can sit down, record themselves talking, and save the content as an audio file. Hey, we all figured out Zoom didn’t we? OK, maybe not all of us!

The beauty of this is that podcasting is an easy way to create a more diversified content marketing strategy. If you already have blog posts, videos, and eBooks, you can turn them into podcasts. Still, use the original content as a guideline while you talk. 

You can even run a live webinar series and then convert the audio into a podcast. 

Of course, you can also repurpose your podcast into other forms of content. With a tool like Wavve, you can easily transform your audio content into short, engaging videos. Or various text content. This makes it easy to generate exciting social media content from your podcast. 

Benefit #6: It Positions You as an Expert

guest invited to a podcast show as a field expert to reap the benefits of podcasting for their business

Among the benefits of podcasting for business is that podcasts are the perfect platform to show off your expertise. This helps you build a reputation as an industry leader, develop trust with your customers, and ultimately grow your business.

A podcast is an ideal platform for diving deeply into topics. You can use a podcast to share your knowledge on a particular subject, talk about your products, and provide valuable advice to your audience.

Collaborating with other industry leaders and experts will assist in creating this brand persona.

Benefit #7: Podcasts are Still a Big Deal 

We all have our go-to podcast, so it is no surprise that almost 60% of U.S. consumers listen to podcasts regularly. 

With over two million active podcasts available, it is, without a doubt, an in-demand form of content. This is due to its incredibly engaging nature. I can listen anywhere. I can be active while I listen. And I am free from looking at a screen. This ease of use for listeners makes it a preferred option over other marketing efforts. 

Podcasts can help businesses reach a chain of new potential customers. Once listeners feel engrossed in the conversation, they will keep coming back for more or better yet, share them with others who are like them, until the brand expands its reach. 

The point is a podcast is an increasingly popular choice for generating demand for your business.


podcast listener enjoying her favorite brand's podcast show

The podcasting phenomenon has taken the world by storm, especially over the last decade, and it isn’t slowing down.

To sum up, starting a podcast lets you share valuable content with your audience and expand the awareness about your business. And ultimately, this can help your business grow.

The best part is that podcasting is easy to start. There are no certain times or financial investments needed. So, if your business is looking for new, innovative ways to find new audiences, then setting up a podcast is definitely a smart longer-term move.

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