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One of the things that can feel overwhelming to a new podcaster is wondering how much podcast gear they’ll need to get started. We see blog posts circulating all the time with lists of 20+ items you just absolutely need before you even record your first podcast episode. And those kinds of lists often bring a podcaster’s journey to a screeching halt before it even begins.

But here’s the truth: the only two pieces of podcast gear that you really need to start recording your very first episode are a computer and a microphone. That’s it. Now, there are also a handful of other things that will make your podcast easier to record and higher quality. But we don’t want you to break the bank on that podcast gear or spend hours combing the internet looking for the best options. And that’s why we’re here! To save you time and money, we’ve put together a list of the must-have podcast gear for 2021.

Must-Have Podcast Gear (for 2021)


When it comes to microphones, there are two main types: USB and XLR. If you’re just getting started with your podcast and you’re the only host, then a USB microphones is probably the best choice for you. If you have multiple podcast hosts recording in the same location or you want to upgrade to a more professional set-up, then you might want to try an XLR mic.

For a great USB microphone, try the ATR2100x-USB. This is a good choice if you think you may want to switch to an XLR set-up down the road, since it includes XLR connections. If you want to start with an XLR mic, check out the Rode PodMic. It’s one of the best XLR microphones you can find for under $100.

If you want a more detailed overview of podcast microphones (and a wider range of recommendations), check out this blog post

Pop Filter

A pop filter’s purpose is to keep your P sounds (for instance, the “p” sound in “podcast”) from popping the mic. Some microphones will actually come with a built-in pop filter. But if yours doesn’t, then it’s very worth investing in an attachable one.

Keep in mind that this is one piece of podcast gear where you definitely don’t need to blow the budget. There are plenty of quality pop filters for $30 or less. We recommend checking out the Auphonix pop filter or the Nady MPF-6. Both are popular, well-reviewed options that come at a low price point.


Headphones are definitely must-have podcast gear if you want to produce a high-quality podcast. This is one place where your earbuds just won’t cut it. Headphones can prevent a ton of wasted time and frustration, since they allow you to hear yourself live while you’re recording. That means you won’t record for an hour, then go back and listen to your recording and realize there was some weird technical problem or a humming in the background.

For a pair of budget headphones that don’t skimp on quality, check out the Audio-Technica ATH-M30x. If you’re willing to drop a little more on a pair with more bells and whistles, try the Audio-Technica M50xBT.


An audio mixer is one of the best ways to get a high-quality, broadcast-level sound for your podcast. And our must-have pick, by a long shot, is the Rodecaster Pro. This piece of gear goes beyond a simple mixer or audio interface — it’s actually the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio.

The Rodecaster Pro allows one-touch recording, features eight programmable sound effects pads for instant triggering of music, intros/outros, ad rolls, etc., lets you connect easily with remote guests, and makes it easy to record your podcast to your favourite recording software or livestream.

Streaming Software

If you want to turn your computer into a live streaming studio, then you’re going to need a streaming software. These types of software can help you interview remote guests, record your Skype calls, share your screen, live stream directly to social media or YouTube, and much more.

For a comprehensive streaming software, we suggest checking out StreamYard or Ecamm.

What are your picks for must-have podcast gear in 2021?

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  1. Richmond Weaver

    Hey Baird! Hope all is well and I know it’s been forever since we connected and love what you guys are continuing to build at Wavve since we first connected in 2017. Still going strong with my podcast “Rich Take On Sports” and it’s led to so many other things. I also wanted to suggest an option for connecting with guests remotely is Really good platform for recording video and audio locally instead of over the internet. Keep up the great work and hope to talk soon!

    Richmond Weaver

    • Baird Hall

      Great recommendation and great to hear the podcast is going strong! We know the team at and they do great work.

  2. Mark Nilson

    I have been using Wavve for several months now to produce MP4 Files from my band (The Fabulous Topics) MP3 Files to post on Facebook. I find the app very easy to use and the Rendering of my finished product is reasonable quick. I am now ready to resume my Radio Talk Show I had back in 2010 known as “Crabman Comedy With A Message”. I owned the show and it was broadcast on a radio station reaching 6 counties in NW Washington State and into Vancouver Island, BC, CANADA. I will likely start with just Podcasts and I appreciate the useful information above. Thank you good folks at Wavve.

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