How To Share Your Podcast to Instagram Stories & Snapchat

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Leveraging The New Stories Format To Promote Your Podcast to Instagram and snapchat

How we use social media is changing quickly and it’s altering the way we view everything online. At the forefront of this new change is Instagram and Snapchat with the new “Stories” format.

With Stories, users share posts that are formatted for mobile screens and are only available for a short time. After 24 hours, they are gone. Stories can be customized in many ways including stickers, locations, text, and more. With Snapchat, you can even add a custom link for directing viewers to your content (we hope Instagram follows suit with this feature!).

If you are a podcaster, musician, or digital audio creator, and you’re looking to get your audio in front of more eyes, I mean ears… now is the perfect time to investigate posting audio to Instagram and Snapchat in the new Stories format.

Here at Wavve, our online tool helps audio creators turn segments of their content into videos optimized for your favorite social network. With Wavve, you can customize design “Cards” (aka… video templates) with images, text, and audio animations. Wavve even offers Card sizes made just for Stories.

Oh yeah… and you can share these clips from your podcast to Instagram Stories and Snapchat for FREE. Here is how to do it:

What You’ll Need

  1. A free Wave account.
  2. A background image that would fit in a vertical frame. The background photo for your video must be enticing. This image should catch the attention of viewers and make them stop to give your video a listen. There are several applications and websites that can be used to create unique photos that will display the true identity of your brand.
  3. An audio file that contains the clip you want to share from your amazing podcast. Wavve supports mp3, mp4a, and Wave files. The clip you share from your podcast to Instagram Stories and Snapchat should be an exclusive or highlight from that specific episode.
  4. A Smartphone or mobile device to post from.

How to share your podcast to instagram stories and snapchat

  1. Visit and signup for your free Wavve account.

2. Head to the “My Cards” page and click “Add Card”. Be sure to select the “Vertical” card size:

Wavve Cards- Add Card









Wavve Vertical Card










3. Upload a background image and customize your card by adding a waveform animation and a caption. 

Wavve Card Editor










4. Save the Card and head to the “Create” Page.

5. Upload the audio file of your podcast episode.

6. Trim the file to the short, significant segment that fans will love. Click Generate.

Wavve Clip Audio










7. Download your Wavve clip, email it to yourself and download the video to your mobile device.

8. Post the video to Snapchat and/or Instagram from your phone.

Ready to get started?

Sign up for a free Wavve account here:

Want to see a video demo?  Click here.

With so many new podcasts joining the airwaves, you need a way to stand out. Sign up for your free Wavve account and start bringing the right attention to your show. Old shows and those that are new, Wavve is a great tool to help you gain followers and get the right recognition.

Want more info? Visit our website to see how Wavve makes it easy to turn audio into custom-branded, animated videos for social sharing. Create a free account or get started with a custom template using a Premium Plan.

Have questions, ideas, or want to chat? Drop us an email or find us on Facebook or Twitter @wavve

Keep Talking,

The Wavve Team


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