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One of the most important parts of publishing a podcast is knowing how to market it. You need to do this in order to generate more podcast awareness and attract more listeners.

Otherwise, lack of momentum leads to the infamous podfade.

While there are different marketing tactics to promote your podcast, one of the best strategies is using video. However, if you have no knowledge, time, or skills in video editing, promoting your podcast with video can seem tricky.

Don’t worry – it’s a lot easier than you might think.

We’ll provide some of the best ways to create podcast marketing content without requiring any kind of video editing.

6 Ways To Create Podcast Marketing Content

Here are the following approaches you can try when creating new podcast content without video editing skills involved:

Suggestion #1: Transcribe Your Podcast 

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One of the most effective ways to boost your podcast marketing efforts is to simply transcribe your recorded podcast into text. This method provides you with a foundation to build all kinds of creative podcast marketing content. 

For example, you can use your transcribed podcast to easily create a blog post. This is a nifty way to promote your podcast episode through a different format, where you can link from the blog post to the podcast episode.

Blogging and related newsletters are well-suited for podcast marketing content because it can do a lot for your SEO. This means more people can find it. If you optimize the blog post around relevant keywords, you can attract more traffic to your site and send them to your podcast. 

You can even use your transcribed podcast to optimize your podcast description and show notes, as it boosts your podcast SEO and visibility. 

Podcast transcription tools are fast and easy to use, helping you create exciting marketing content with minimal effort. 

Suggestion #2: Use A Non-Video Editing Video Creation Tool 

Just because you don’t want to do video editing, that doesn’t mean you can’t create amazing videos to promote your podcast. With a tool like Wavve, you can easily turn your podcast into interesting video clips for socials.

The platform takes segments of your audio content (or the whole thing) and adds organic looking waveforms, text, and photos to create an eye-catching video for social media platforms. Whether they are a teaser video for an episode, or the entire episode to post on YouTube podcasts, save lots of time by skipping the filming and editing video part. Short video clips are ideal for sharing on social media to help you generate buzz around your podcast.

This type of podcast marketing content is helpful because you get original, unique content without requiring any skills.

Suggestion #3: Share Podcast Quotes On Social Media 

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You can create powerful marketing content for your podcast on social media, whether you want to use video or not. One of the best ways to do this is to share quotes from your podcast.

The best practice here is to pull an interesting or inspiring quote from your podcast episodes and turn this into an image, or quote card. You can also incorporate a photo of your guest speaker or whoever mentioned the quote into the image.

Share the text itself. Share the quote card image. Even share the clip of the audio along with the quote card image as a wavve video. Link to the podcast episode. That’s 3 pieces of content! Across 7 social media accounts, that’s 21 posts. Not bad for creating enormous impact on your podcast marketing. 

Suggestion #4: Go Live for Your Podcast Marketing Strategy

If you want to create marketing videos without editing, then one of the best solutions is to do video live streams. You can use the live streaming features on TikTok and Instagram, which are beneficial tactics for marketing your podcast episode.

Live videos work well because they’re more exclusive content that doesn’t appear in your regular feed. This often results in higher levels of engagement with your live videos. 

You can run a live video leading up to your podcast episode release. Grab the opportunity to use the video to answer questions, discuss the episode, and share some exclusive insights. 

Live videos can help in providing a sneak peek into the podcast episode to build hype. With no video editing.

Furthermore, you can use live video to ask your audience what kind of topics they are interested in or the guests they’d like to see on future podcast episodes. This will help you in building a more interested and engaged audience. 

Suggestion #5: Create Social Conversations With Your Podcast Guests 

a podcaster talking to her guest on a phone call about sharing the episode to boost listenership

Your podcast guests are one of your greatest sources of marketing content.

When you host a guest on your podcast, or if you are a guest on a podcast, think of all the ways to talk about it leading up to the release.

Try to find guests or hosts that have active social media accounts who are willing to engage with you in conversations around the topics you will cover.

Both audiences will see these conversations, and those interested will engage and be more likely to listen now that they are involved.

Now, when either of you create promotional social media content for the podcast, the conversation is already happening.

Suggestion #6: Skip Video Altogether

It might seem too simple to simply opt-out of creating video content altogether, but it’s an option.

If you find yourself delaying and blocking yourself from publishing because you can’t quite get around to video, skip it.

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t pressure yourself to create that unlocks your potential.


You don’t have to spend hours creating innovative marketing content for your podcast. The great thing about podcast marketing is that your recorded podcast already offers so much valuable content to use.

You simply need to unlock it.

By being smart about repurposing and breaking down this content, you can create all kinds of marketing materials from each episode. Using the tactics above will enable you to eventually reach more people and grow your audience.

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